Portfolio CA 387

Newspaper Feature How To Get the Most Out of Your Small Dorm Room Being a freshman in college is scary all on its own without including the stress of classes, meeting new people, having a roommate, and making your tiny dorm room homey. The stress of making all of your stuff fit in such a … More Portfolio CA 387

My New Job

In a previous blog post I mentioned how I had recently quit my job, the first and only job I had for 3 years at a womens clothing store. I now have a new job at Ulta. Only the #1 beauty retailer in the whole country. When I got the opportunity to work for this … More My New Job

I Finally Did It

I finally started my Youtube channel!!!! I have wanted to start my Youtube channel for the longest time. I don’t know why I haven’t done it before now. For months I have dreamed of filming a video and taking a leap at becoming internet famous. Being internet famous isn’t really why I started it, I … More I Finally Did It

Week 15

I will┬ábe using SEOs in my website. Without anyone ever finding your website, you will never have visitors. Making sure your website is able to be searched and found is very important in order to have a successful website. I will make sure on my site that I use words in a very modern and … More Week 15

Week 14

Using my first and last name as the domain name for my site was simple and pretty cheap as well. For people with common names, they might not have the same luck of using their first and last name for their domain name. On the suggestions side they had some pretty unique alternate domain names … More Week 14

Week 13

Being a strategic communications major, I believe hacking is a huge problem. Not just for communication careers but for anyone that has to deal with the internet or a computer in general for their career. I think it will make me a lot more cautious when it comes to my website or any website. I … More Week 13