Adopt Don’t Shop

Take a look at my personal animal rescue stories and see why it is so near and dear to my heart.

img_7018This is Phoebe. I am a Sophomore at the University of South Alabama located in Mobile AL. Living 4 hours away from home was at first one of the hardest things I’ve done. Leaving not only my parents but my 3 dogs as well. The first year of school I lived in a dorm room where I wasn’t aloud to have a pet. I’ve always grown up with animals whether it be dogs, cats, or rabbits. My second year of school I moved into an apartment and I knew immediately I wanted a pet to come home to and to raise and love by myself for the first time. One day I got the urge to just go look at the animal shelter in Mobile, Al. I called before I went and they told me that they had just recently taken their kittens to PetSmart for the day. I went to PetSmart and there was a room full of cages with kittens inside. Black and white, all black, Calico, any color you could want. There was one kitten that immediately jumped out at me (not literally). She was climbing all the way up the cage and had her legs stretched all the way out of the cage touching me. Even when I tried to look at other kittens, she would reach out and touch me. My mom told me how wild she would be if I picked her. I finally got her out of the cage and held her in my arms. She was so calm and started purring almost immediately. I knew she was the one. We payed for her and I got to bring her home. She is my best buddy and gives the best snuggles anyone could wish for. She is my child, my pride and joy. Who rescued who?

img_4336-1 This is Nola. She is a pitbull mix. She wandered into our backyard one morning with her two siblings one morning and decided she would stay. My mom had seen the three puppies one morning when she was leaving for work. She called me when I had returned home from school and told me to go look for them. When I walked outside I could hear shuffling noises in the rocks that lined the pool in the backyard. Then out charged a little puppy right into my arms. My dad had already told us we weren’t allowed to have another dog but I couldn’t help to bring her inside. When my parents arrived home they told me they would feed her outside and she will go back to where she came from. The next morning when I was getting ready for school the next morning I heard barking from the backyard. I went outside and there she sat just barking away and the rest is history. She decided we would be her new family. She went from sleeping on the back porch to sleeping in my bed with me every night. My dad and her became best friends quick. A dog is truly a man’s best friend.

img_5423 This is Mallyumpkin (named after the mouse on Alice in Wonderland). For very good reason we named this little rescue pup after the mouse because she looked just like a little mouse when we found her. She was found on the side of the road next to a busy intersection with almost no hair and eaten up with ant bites. My mom brought her home wrapped in a blanket. When we sat her down she almost immediately fell over. We questioned if she would make it through the night. It was a long road to recovery for Mally but today you can’t even tell that she is the same dog we found on the side of the road that night. She has the best personality and is my dad’s sidekick. She is a terrier mix with the cutest little face. We can never stay mad at her for long.