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How To Get the Most Out of Your Small Dorm Room

Being a freshman in college is scary all on its own without including the stress of classes, meeting new people, having a roommate, and making your tiny dorm room homey. The stress of making all of your stuff fit in such a small space might feel impossible at the beginning, but making it neat and organized is another challenge in itself.

When asking a current RA here on campus, Micaela Walley, how to make the most out of the small dorm space she said, “I’ve seen a lot of students bring in different storage containers, plastic drawers, and shelving units into the room. A lot of people utilize the area under their beds to store things like winter clothes or extra supplies.” A great feature to the residence halls is that the beds can be lofted which is a great way to create more space.

The residence halls all have different floor plans. The New Hall and the Epsilons are the standard two person dorms while the Stokes Hall is the two private rooms with the conjoining bathroom. The Beta and Gamma are more apartment style dorms, and there are even more floorplans than just those. So choosing the best floor plan for you is important when choosing a dorm on campus.

Alexis Pate is in the sorority Kappa Delta on campus, and has lived in her sorority house for the past year. She offered up a few tips for freshmen living on campus or considering living on campus, “Bring half of what you think you need. When you first move-in don’t fill all of your drawers and your closet. You will acquire stuff throughout the year and you’re going to need space to put it. Places have the long “Freshman Move-In Checklists” but I promise you don’t need everything. Take what you absolutely need.”

When it comes to living on campus, embrace your small space and make it your own. That space is your new home even if it is for a short time. Make it a space comfortable for you and it will feel just like home.


Mid-Sized Feature

How College Students Can Get Involved

Recently our beloved nation has been impacted by terrible tragedies happening not only around us but around the whole world. Natural disasters have put several cities under water. Many people have been affected by this tragedy as well as animals and wildlife. Many young adults and students want to offer their support but aren’t sure how. Students might think they can’t help out because they aren’t in the same state but there are tons of ways for people to get involved no matter where you live.

Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, and Hurricane Maria have left several communities in shambles. More than half of Puerto Rico is still without electricity weeks after Hurricane Maria. There are several charities raising money in support of Puerto Rico. Save the Children is a charity based in Connecticut and partners with the American Red Cross and FEMA. Red Cross released a statement saying, “The American Red Cross is using donor dollars right now to provide shelter, food, comfort and emergency support for individuals and families affected by Harvey. And our work is just beginning. We will use financial donations to help people recover and get back on their feet…” Direct Relief is a charity based in California. They are partnering with hospitals in Puerto Rico and supplying any medical supplies or medical equipment that are needed. There are several other charities raising money for Puerto Rico as well. Donating as much as the change in your pocket actually helps. Donating money is one of the easiest ways to get involved with the relief efforts since you can do it from your couch.

Another way to get involved is to donate supplies locally. There are multiple places that have donation trucks filled with supplies and taken to the area in need. Several trucks filled with supplies from several cities were taken to Texas and Florida after Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. These supplies could include toilet paper, diapers, clothes, nonperishable food, etc. Picking a few items up at the store and bringing them to these donation trucks and vans parked in your own city is also a cheap and easy way to get involved with relief efforts.

Several animals were abandoned when these hurricanes made landfall. Hurricane Harvey hit Texas near the end of August but still today they are struggling with overcrowded animal shelters. Overcrowding in shelters is a common thing, but taking in these abandoned animals from the streets have thrown them into overdrive. Several shelters have had to transport some of the animals at their shelter to other shelters all over the country to continue to make room for more animals. When talking to Tatijana Vaughan, who runs a rescue organization based in Louisiana, Tatijana said, “We have received almost 100 dogs and cats that were rescued from Texas and transported to us.” One way to get involved is to volunteer at local animal shelters. The more animals these shelters take in, the more volunteers they need. Another great way is to consider fostering an animal through a local rescue or shelter. Being a foster parent to an animal is so rewarding. It requires more time and effort but at the end of the day, it frees up a spot in the shelter for another animal to be taken in.

No matter where you are in the country or the world there are plenty of ways to get involved from your own town. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families affected by these natural disasters. Start getting involved today and make a difference.


Second Mid-size Feature


International Presence at South Alabama

Did you know there are over 750 international students from over 30 different countries on campus? How many international students have you met? Did you know about the Global Outreach program? The Office of Global Outreach and International Student Service is responsible for international student recruitment, international student orientation, international student support services, and special events. Their main focus is to create a larger presence of international students on campus. Their goal is to make international student’s college experience as easy as possible. Traveling to a different state can be challenging to some of us, moving to a different country would be both terrifying and exciting.

Alexis Pate, a member of Kappa Delta sorority here on campus says, “I have gotten to know a few international students from being recruitment chair for my sorority. I always enjoy learning about where other students come from whether it be from a different country or state.”  The Global USA helps international students get involved on campus whether it be sports, greek life, or clubs. There are plenty of international student organizations on campus that host events throughout the semester. Going to these events can help students that aren’t so familiar with other cultures, experience them. It is a great way to experience new cultures and meet a few international students as well.
Noelle Mccann, the new coordinator of student programs for Global USA,  hopes to double the number of international students on campus and increase the amount of independent international programs. She was first attracted to South’s program because of the potential it possessed, “We get to create what the students in the future get to see and build this program from the bottom up.” She says the biggest reward so far has been building relationships with the students. Social Media is a big part of Mccann’s job and has been successful in reaching students for Global USA. For more information on Global USA follow their social media pages (GlobalUSA), or visit the south alabama website.


Long Feature

Colin Rains

Colin Rains is a former communications student from the University of South Alabama. Rains’ major was communications with concentration in Advertising and Brand Communications. His minor was Marketing Management. Rains graduated in 2016 and currently works at Starcom Worldwide in Chicago, Illinois. Starcom has locations all across the globe and has branded several successful companies such as Coca Cola, Airbnb, Samsung, Visa and more (Starcomww.com).

Rains says, “Since graduating, I have learned that becoming connected and keeping in touch with your connections is critical for your career development and growth.” Rains also said that he struggled to find a job immediately after college, “Finding a job was actually a lot harder. My first job took me 2-3 months to find and my job search consisted of putting my resume out on every career/job site and constantly updating it. I left that job after 4 months to pursue the one now in my preferred industry and career path. Once I knew how to do the job search/interviews, this job didn’t take long to find.” Rains also shared what classes helped him the most in the real world, “Since I am now working for a Media Agency, the class that is most relevant to this was Media Planning with Dr. Patricia Mark. I also really enjoyed Marketing Promotions with Dr. Mark and Principles of Marketing over at MCOB [Mitchell College of Business] gave me a great insight into the industry as a whole. I was able to use knowledge from that class in my internship and in turn, bring back experience and skills learned in the internship to my other Marketing classes.”

When talking with Colin Rains he said, “Starcom is an amazing company. There is never a dull or slow moment. Working for one of the best mediavest companies in the world is both an honor and blessing.” Rains says the classes that helped him prepare for the working world the most were “Strategic Communications Writing, Media Planning, and Student Campaign.” Rains had a few tips for upcoming graduates that are applying for jobs, “…have an updated and awesome resume is the main thing and don’t be afraid to apply to any job.”

Rains also said there were a few things in school he didn’t do but wish he has, “I wish I would have attended more club meetings and networked more. I also wish I would have started searching for jobs early in my senior year. Take advantage of the friendships you make in college, especially in your major, because these will become valuable connections down the road and who knows… they might be your boss one day!”

Rains also has tips of interview preparations, “I would say make sure you have plenty of questions to ask the hiring manager. Don’t focus on questions involving compensation/benefits, dress code, bonuses, because everyone asks those and it can be tiring and repetitive for the interviewer. Instead, focus on questions like what it’s like to work at the company, their background/favorite part about the job, what advancement opportunities/timeline looks like, and what sets this company apart from its competitors. A good rule of thumb is to ask questions that the hiring manager could then ask candidates in future interviews. Also, make 110% sure you do your research on the company/manager and be fully prepared to discuss this. Be yourself and don’t try to come off as someone you aren’t! I was a recruiter before this job, so I was fortunate enough to see both sides of the hiring process and learn many tips/tricks to the job search.” His advice might be helpful for upcoming graduates and recent graduates.

When talking with Dr. Patricia Mark, a communications professor here at the University of South Alabama, she says one of the greatest rewards is “watching these college students grow into adults and seeing where they go. Colin Rains was a student of mine and will do great things at Starcom.”IMG_9517


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