A Peek Into My Makeup Vanity

Hello to all of my beauty enthusiasts out there and my not so into beauty people as well. Today I am giving you all a peek into my very own makeup vanity. I won’t go into detail about products today but keep your eye out for my next blog post to see a few of my favorite things. You guys will get to see the setup of my makeup vanity and also see the products in my drawers. Below is a full view of my makeup vanity.IMG_9115


On the right side of my vanity is where I keep my haircare products. I am an avid lover of Ipsy and Birchbox so don’t mind all of the sample size products I have. I keep my two hairbrushes on this side as well as bobby pins, ponytail holders, dry shampoo, leave-in conditioner etc. I find it really easy to just reach to my left and grab whichever product I need when I’m doing my hair.


In the large drawer on the bottom left side of my vanity is where I keep all of my hair tools. I also have them plugged into an extension cord underneath my vanity so I don’t have to unplug them and can easily store them in the bottom drawer. I keep the basic flat iron, hairdryer, and curling wand.


In the drawer on the top right side, I keep all of my face creams and skincare items. I have things like makeup removers, night creams, BB creams, moisturizers etc. I find it easy to keep my skincare products organized when I have them all together. It also helps me remember to use them more often. I am not someone who uses skincare routines religiously (shocking, I know) but I found since having my makeup vanity that it helps remind me.



In the largest drawer, the middle drawer, I keep all of my every day essentials. My beauty blenders, concealer, mascara, eyeliner, foundation etc. This just helps my makeup routine faster when I have all of the main items in one drawer. Also I don’t have multiple of these main items, so it made better sense to combine them into one drawer.


In the top drawer on the left side of my vanity is where I keep all of my eyeshadow palettes and eyeshadow primers. I don’t have a big selection of eyeshadow palettes (yet) but I did keep another drawer open in case I needed more room.


The drawer directly below my eyeshadow palettes holds my bronzers, highlighters, and blushes. I have several of these items and they are all applied around the same time when doing your makeup.

Now that you guys have seen the inside of my makeup vanity, I hope you will share some of your favorite products with me. If you’re struggling with organizing your makeup vanity or thinking about getting a makeup vanity I hope my blog aided you in one way or another.





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