My New Job

In a previous blog post I mentioned how I had recently quit my job, the first and only job I had for 3 years at a womens clothing store. I now have a new job at Ulta. Only the #1 beauty retailer in the whole country. When I got the opportunity to work for this company I honestly could not believe it. This company is so popular and so amazing that having the chance to be a part of it was an honor. I have been there for 1 month now and I absolutely love it. I moved from clothing to makeup but I’m still in retail. I really love the retail industry because I love working with people and interacting with people. It really does make my day to be able to carry on a conversation with complete strangers. I was really nervous about being in the makeup industry because I just recently got into all of the makeup and beauty gurus. It has came pretty quick to me though which has surprised me. I am really excited to continue this new journey in my life and I hope I continue to love my job as I do right now.


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