Week 15

I will be using SEOs in my website. Without anyone ever finding your website, you will never have visitors. Making sure your website is able to be searched and found is very important in order to have a successful website. I will make sure on my site that I use words in a very modern and common way because that is how people type when they are searching for something. I will not use large words and I will make sure to have no spelling errors. Secondly, I will make sure I have titles on all of the pages on my site. I will make sure they titles are a common phrase or something that is popular. I will make sure to link certain words on my website and have other links on every page of my website. The most important out of the list in my opinion is reputation. I will be sure to have consistent updates and changes on my website. Maybe every week or every other week I always add something or change the layout or change the design. I would make sure it is better than the last so people won’t get annoyed with all of the changes. I guess the problem with SEOs would be that you have to have “sponsors” so to say, on your website. Instead of your website being all about you, you will have to have other sites links on your site. To me that is the only problem I could see with it.


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