Week 14

Using my first and last name as the domain name for my site was simple and pretty cheap as well. For people with common names, they might not have the same luck of using their first and last name for their domain name. On the suggestions side they had some pretty unique alternate domain names for me. Those were really cool however, they were way more expensive depending on the demographic of your site. I would forsure buy a domain name for my site or business. Your domain name is a very important part of your business. It could ultimately brand the whole image of your business or site. Depending on which sites I found that were the best with hosting, I would decided then if I bought or used a free one. I would try the free options first but If they don’t meet my expectations then I would read reviews and decide which hosting service I would use. I think your domain name should be catchy and should go parallel with the image of your business. It should describe your website in a few words. I think domain names are extremely important.


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