Valentines Day

I’m a debbie downer when it comes to Valentines Day. It’s a pointless holiday in my opinion. I don’t want this post to be negative so I’ll try my best to look at Valentines Day from the lovers point of view and from the haters.

What puts a bad taste in my mouth about Valentines Day, is I don’t need to be showered with gifts one day out of the year. If you don’t spoil me every other day then I don’t need it on February 14th. Now I’m not saying that I need to be spoiled everyday or at all. I just mean don’t treat me any differently on this day then you do every other day. I love flowers, but if you’ve never bought me flowers before then don’t do it today. Don’t buy me a card because I’ll read it and throw it in the trash. Don’t take me to a fancy restaurant because I’m perfectly happy sitting on the couch eating a pizza without having to fight the crowds. I want to feel special just like every other girl, but do it on a random day where I’m not expecting it. I think if you’re in the right relationship then everyday should feel like Valentines Day.


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