Top 5 Netflix Series


In this blog I will tell you what my top 5 netflix series are and why. I am a 20 year old female so most of these will be feminine. I’m the type of gal who loves to just sit on the couch in my pajamas and binge watch a really good netflix series. I’m talking about binge watch to the point where you keep telling yourself you’ll go to bed after this episode and the next thing you know its 4 am and you’re realizing you have no self control. That’s my type of binge watching.

1.) Gossip Girl

This was the first series I ever watched on netflix. Mostly because it looked like the most girly show on there. This series is based in the upper east side of Manhattan where it follows the lives of this group of friends in high school. One friend in this group is not loyal. Someone is following their every move and posting it to a blog called Gossip Girl. Very girly, I know. But I love a drama filled television show and then they added mystery? It was right up my alley and that is why it has placed first on my list.

2.) One Tree Hill

This was the second series I watched and too be honest I took a little break after watching Gossip Girl because I knew nothing could ever beat that series in my eyes. One of my friends talked me into watching One Tree Hill because she basically lived and breathed this show. Honestly, it starts out super slow to me. It’s about these two guys who have the same dad but different moms and they aren’t the best of friends. It follows their life story and their group of friends. It is another one of those that is filled with drama and twists. It does start out very slow but if you can get through season 1 then it gets so much better.

3.) Greys Anatomy

This one felt like a lifetime of watching. There are 12 seasons on Netflix right now and 13 is on live television. I started this series honestly because I knew so many people that were watching it so I decided to start it. I was going to college to be a neonatal nurse so I thought it would fit perfectly. It starts off by following these 4 soon to be surgeons during their internship. This show has EVERTHING. It has drama, action, love, tears, etc. It was hard to place this one at number 3 because I do love it so much. I just felt like I dedicated so much of my life to this television series for so many characters I love to just die.

4.) Charmed

I use to watch this show as a kid with my brother. When I saw it was on Netflix I knew I wanted to rematch it because I didn’t remember all of it. This series follows 3 sisters that find out they are witches. This show is another one that just has so many different elements in it. It has love, action, drama, death etc. It has witches, warlocks, and demons so if you aren’t into that stuff you probably wouldn’t like it.

5.) The Walking Dead

I actually just finished this series and it quickly jumped to my top 5. This is surprisingly not a girly show. This is a show about the zombie apocalypse and how this sheriff and his group of survivors will survive. This show is very gory. If you don’t like bloods and gut and fighting then you won’t like it very much. However if you are into that nasty stuff then I highly recommend this show.


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