Week 4

I can apply the “don’ts” in my blogs much easier than I can apply the “do’s.” I say that because listed in the “do’s” is “be yourself” and “focus” and sometimes I think I find it hard to just write about anything that comes to mind. I also find it hard to put what is in my head into words. However, in the “don’ts” its almost like a check list that you can just check off when you know you haven’t done those things. Such as “grammar mistakes” and “don’t write long paragraphs.” When I’m re-reading my blog it will be much easier to find those mistakes than asking myself “Am I portraying myself in this blog? Am I focused all the way through this post?” Those questions to me will be a little harder to answer. In my career field I could definitely use these “do’s and don’ts” in the writing I will have to do. I want to work in public relations so a lot of that requires me to write things out and portray something or someone a certain way to the media or the public rather. To ensure my posts attract my reader each week, I will continue to read through the “do’s and don’ts” after I finish my posts. I will also make sure I am truly being myself in these posts and not portraying a false image. I have to keep the trust with my readers so that they will continue to come back each week.


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